This course is offered as a public service to neurodiagnostic/electrophysiologic technologists and scientists around the world.  The authors of the content and OSET believe some education is so important, it should be available to everyone, free of charge.

Enjoy the course and we hope you find it helpful.

This course is offered free to anyone from Brett Netherton, MS. CNIM, FASNM, FASET the presenter and OSET the international Organisation of Societies of Electrophysiological Technology.  The importance of the content is so essential to patient safety in neurodiagnostic testing that Brett and OSET felt it should be free to anyone who wishes to view the lecture.  Unlike the other lectures, this one does not require an enrollment key word.

The enrollment key is:  FreeCourse

We hope this is helpful as you pursue your career in electrophysiological/neurodiagnostic technology.